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Thomas Girardi to be Evicted From $16 Million Home Amid Divorce From RHOBH Wife Erika Jayne, Plus New Fraud Claims

RHOBH: Erika Jayne

RHOBH: Erika Jayne's Estranged Husband Thomas Girardi Has Been Ordered to Vacate Their $15 Million Pasadena Home as the Attorney is Once Again Accused of Embezzling Settlement Funds

Erika Jayne‘s estranged husband, Thomas Girardi, is being ordered to vacate the $16 million home in Pasadena, California, they once shared.

Days after his brother, Robert Girardi, was named as his temporary conservator, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills attorney is being kicked out as the trustee in charge of his finances prepares to liquidate his assets and pay off the many creditors who forced him into bankruptcy at the end of last year.

In court documents obtained and shared by attorney Ronald Richards on February 2, it shows that Thomas’ court-ordered trustee recently requested permission to obtain possession of Thomas’ 10,000-square-foot residence and asked for the ability to have Thomas evicted if he does not move out of the home within 14 days.

According to the trustee, he attempted to gain access to Thomas’ mansion, which Erika hasn’t lived in for months, on January 25, but he was denied access.

The trustee said in court documents that he asked “for access to the Property to enable his real estate broker to inspect it for marketing and sale. The Trustee was not provided with access for various reasons, many of which (including the Debtor’s health conditions) may not be resolved for many months. At the same time, the Property is not being adequately maintained and expenses of the estate continues to accrue including insurance payments.”

Thomas reportedly claimed the home’s value was $16.5 million in court documents from March 2020, but there is doubt about the home’s true value due to all of the debt associated with it.

The Blast also reported on the case, stating that the trustee went on to reveal that Thomas’ maintenance staff quit because they weren’t being paid and noted that insurance on the property was about to expire.

“Even the utility bills were not being paid. For these reasons, I believe it is in the best interest of the estate to obtain access and market the property as soon as possible,” he wrote.

According to a second report from The National Law Journal, Thomas is facing more than an eviction. He’s also facing a new lawsuit from the estate of Ed Masry, an attorney he worked with on his $333 million case against the Pacific Gas & Electric Co., which was made famous by Erin Brockovich.

As the report explained, Ed’s firm filed for bankruptcy after his 2005 death and transferred their cases to Thomas’ firm, Girardi Keese. However, as of last summer, Thomas had reportedly failed to turn over settlement funds from nine of their cases.

“Each of the unaccounted for cases appears to have settled, but no disbursements from the settlement funds have been made to the Masry Estate,” Douglas Harris, an attorney for Ed’s estate, wrote in court documents.

“The Masry Estate had yet to receive money under the confirmed plan since November 2018, although there are a number of remaining pending cases and possibly undistributed settlement funds, which should have been distributed pursuant to the confirmed plan,” he continued.

In July of last year, the estate requested that Girardi Keese be forced to turn in documents regarding payments, and an August 3 deadline was put into place.

Although it is unclear if the firm complied with the deadline, California Attorney Lending, who was due to receive 90 percent of the revenue from Ed’s firm’s settled cases, said in November that they hadn’t received payments since October 2019.

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