Home Sports WWE Superstar Spectacle will put India at the forefront of the world, say ‘Bollywood Boyz’ Sunil and Samir Singh – Sports News , Firstpost

WWE Superstar Spectacle will put India at the forefront of the world, say ‘Bollywood Boyz’ Sunil and Samir Singh – Sports News , Firstpost

WWE Superstar Spectacle will put India at the forefront of the world, say 'Bollywood Boyz' Sunil and Samir Singh

The Superstar Spectacle is a first of it’s kind two-hour special event by WWE produced exclusively for India, with a host of Indian talent in action against a variety of superstars from the main rosters of the various brands.

World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) getting ready to celebrate India’s Republic Day along with a billion others with the ‘Superstar Spectacle’ event that will be aired on the national holiday next week.

Superstars Sunil and Samir Singh (real names Gurvinder and Harvinder Sihra), who form the tag team Bollywood Boyz and will be in action in the upcoming special event, described it as “putting India at the forefront of the world”.

“The cool thing about this is putting India at the forefront of the world. WWE is this huge entertainment organisation that’s recognised as the standard for television, and for India to be at the forefront of this, it’s huge for all of us. It’s very exciting to be a small part and be able to perform on the show,” said Samir.

The Superstar Spectacle is a first of its kind two-hour special event by WWE produced exclusively for the Indian market — long seen by the company as one of its biggest. WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and superstars including Rey Mysterio, Charlotte Flair, AJ Styles, Bayley, The New Day will be seen in action alongside the Indian talent — former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal, Bollywood Boyz, Kavita Devi, Indus Sher, Giant Zanjeer, Dilsher Shanky, Jeet Rama and Guru Raaj.

Sunil promised on behalf of his brother of bringing in the Bollywood flavour, dance, charisma, and personality to the ring during the event.

“It’s the Superstar Spectacle. It’s going to be the first of its kind. Here we are, coming to the forefront of Superstar Spectacle, all the Indian talent, this show’s for India, it’s about India.

“As far as what we bring to the table, we’re going to bring that Bollywood flavour, that Bollywood dance, that Bollywood charisma, personality, but once that bell sounds, you’re going to see that the Bollywood Boyz are going to be rocking and rolling all over that ring,” said Sunil, the older of the two brothers.

The pair, who are self-confessed fans of Indian cinema and count Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, and John Cena among their wrestling idols, made their WWE debut in the Cruiserweight Classic tournament back in 2016. They have since appeared in all promotions, both as a tag team as well as managers of Jinder Mahal — the first-ever WWE Champion of Indian origin — when going by the moniker ‘The Singh Brothers’.

As for their current gimmick of Bollywood Boyz in the 205 Live brand, Sunil and Samir are back to the fun, energetic selves bringing a variety of dancing as well as wrestling moves to the ring.

Samir feels their gimmicks are playing a part in changing the perception of wrestling fans of India and Indians and removing certain stereotypes associated with people from that part of the world.

“I think what’s happening is you look at our story, our father immigrated to Canada, and there’s a huge Indian immigrant population around the world. People realised we’re not all bad guys, we’re hardworking people, doctors, we’re lawyers, we’re engineers, very integral parts of society. Then you look at some of the biggest movie actors in the world are Bollywood actors, Indian actors.

“So there’s more to India than what 20-30 years ago used to project on TV. For us, we’ve tried to do that. We’re very much the good guys in that sense, we’re the Bollywood characters, fun loving and high energy,” said Samir.

The duo were part of the WWE contingent that landed in India for a live event in New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium in 2017, their first visit to the country in 15 years. When asked about their experience from that event, in which they were managing Mahal in his match against WWE legend Triple H, Samir compared it to being the closest thing to feeling “like the Beatles” while Sunil described it as “coming full circle” for the brothers.

“Just to get that warm welcome, that love, and appreciation from all the fans that were waiting at the hotel and at the arena. For us, it was coming full circle, because having our parents come from India and settle in North America and having most of our families still in India.

“Feeling that love and affection from everybody was definitely emotional, inspiring and it was one of those things where you feel next time you come back to India, you want to be next level, and I feel like slowly, slowly we’re climbing that rung and getting there. Lot of motivation behind the first trip,” said Sunil.

“You felt like the Beatles, that’s the closest thing I’ll ever feel to that. It was humbling and made you realise all the hard work was worth it. The reception was unreal,” said the younger sibling.

WWE Superstar Spectacle will premiere exclusively on Sony Ten 1, Sony Ten 3 and Sony MAX on India’s Republic Day, Tuesday, Jan. 26 at 8 p.m. IST, with commentary available in both English and Hindi.

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