Home Sports Let’s just enjoy Steph Curry’s hot start and leave it at that

Let’s just enjoy Steph Curry’s hot start and leave it at that

Let's just enjoy Steph Curry's hot start and leave it at that

Let’s just appreciate that Steph Curry is back to his old self.

Let’s just appreciate that Steph Curry is back to his old self.
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At some point, y’all have to be tired, right?

Or is this just how things are going to be until LeBron James and Steph Curry inevitably retire?

There are too many tweets to pull, too much content to cite, and frankly, not enough care to credit, but people are again comparing these two, just because Curry had 62 points over the weekend and is back to his MVP self through seven games of the 2020-21 season. We haven’t even made it to the Inauguration yet, and this keeps happening.

We can at least table it until the playoffs, or even later in the season where these games obviously hold more weight, right? You can also, I don’t know, like them both?! Be grateful for their contributions to the game you enjoy? Acknowledge that they’re both two of the best players you’ve ever seen, albeit in different ways? (And yes, James is better.)

But for now, Curry’s been outstanding again. In fact, it’s the best he’s been since 2018-19, Golden State’s most recent NBA Finals run, which feels like five years ago. The 62 points against Damian Lillard and the Portland Trail Blazers; wasn’t that fun?

Hasn’t it been great to see Curry dominate again? He’s averaging 32 points on a field goal, three-point, and free-throw shooting line of 46/37/98. He’s even getting to the line 8.0 times per game, which eviscerates his career-high of 5.2 any season prior. Curry also leads the team with 6.4 assists per game despite having only one teammate averaging at least 12 points per.

Isn’t it fun to watch a star attempt to salvage the end of his prime? The Davidson alum lost a year last season due to playing only five games due to a broken hand. Plus, he will turn 33 in March. He’s the greatest shooter ever, and the desperation for him to continue to be that is paramount because of the Warriors roster, which looks a lot worse in the aftermath of Klay Thompson’s Achilles tear.

Even given his heroics, the Warriors are only out to a 4-3 start, so Curry must exert every ounce of his virtuoso self if they are to be competitive in a loaded Western Conference. The clinging-to-greatness thing is always entertaining, so long that it doesn’t result in fatigue and or an injury. If he powers them to the playoffs, it isn’t a legacy shift because he’s already made his bones there. Yes, James has historically been held to unfair standards by comparison, but if you want reasons as to why, we could explore that another time.

Seriously, this shit is exhausting, and I’m not even emotionally invested either way. (Again, James is better, though.)

Even I toyed with the “Damian Lillard ain’t that far from Steph Curry 👀” take last year, but we’ll table that one for now, too. In the immediate, let’s just be glad that the NBA has another excellent player in a mix where several teams believe this season should end in a championship. A great Curry will mean the Warriors should be competitive on most nights. If they could remain in the playoff mix for a sustainable period, perhaps the Warriors go for it around the trade deadline, adding another star to join Curry. General growth from James Wiseman, improvement from Andrew Wiggins, competence from Kelly Oubre, and anything from Draymond Green would help, though.

And, yes, James has carried weaker teams to the NBA Finals, which Curry likely will not. Sasha Pavlovic, Timofey Mozgov; I get it. But it’s okay. Seriously, it’s fine. Both players have die-hards who are insecure and should probably refrain from comparing the two, especially this early in the NBA season. We haven’t gotten to game 10 yet. Eeeeasy.

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