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How to get 3 Months of Discord Nitro for FREE with SteelSeries?

Discord Nitro for Free

Discord is a free-to-use app that offers many good services as it is. But with Nitro, Discord’s experience changes completely as it has myriad features. This includes animated profiles and backgrounds, access to animated emojis, stickers, server boosting, and more.

Free discord Nitro Giveaway is available on SteelSeries. And, here’s a guide on how you can avail it for yourself. This only works for those who have never subscribed for Discord Nitro before.

Step 1: Click on this link, which will redirect you to the SteelSeries website.
Step 2: Download the SteelSeries installer on your device.
Step 3: Open SteelSeries App.
Step 4: On the left Navigation Bar you will spot Giveaways. Click on that.
Step 5: Now, click on Claim 3 months free Discord Nitro.
Step 6: On top, you will see Discord Nitro Learn More. Click on Learn More to continue.
Step 7: A dialog box will pop up, click Get 3 months on Discord Niro.
Step 8: Log in with your SteelSeries account and verify your email.
Step 9: Go back to SteelSeries App and click again on the Discord Nitro Learn More.
Step 10: After clicking, you will redirect to the Discord App. Sign in using your Discord account and add credit card details. Also, you won’t be charged a single penny and will also display your total amount as $0.00.
Step 11: Click confirm payment. CONGRATULATIONS! You have your first discord Nitro.

Along with Discord Nitro, you will get 2 free server boosts which you can use to boost any server of your choice.
SteelSeries has many other giveaways as well. Including 50 primogems in Genshin Impact and Splitgate weapon Wrap.

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2 years ago

cant find the nitro boost in giveaways of steel series

News Desk
Reply to  Xobond
1 year ago

It was for a limited period of time.

Reply to  Xobond
1 year ago


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